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Jin Xin adheres to the company’s culture “Open, learning, reciprocal, trustworthy, sharing,” and provides competitive compensation and benefits with a fair promotion system. This in turn creates higher revenues and profits for the company. We insist on the principle of profit sharing which creates a win-win situation for our shareholders and staff.

Ⓞ Compensation and insurance:
      1.Provide high and competitive compensation
      2.Provide a holiday bonus for the three major Chinese holidays (including year-end bonus) – They may vary depending on the operating conditions.
      3.Adjust the salary based on the working performance
      4.Provide health insurance, labor insurance, and labor pension contributions
Ⓞ Staff benefits:
      1.Regular staff health check-ups
      2.Regular staff trips
      3.Occasional staff banquets/department banquets
      4.Subsidies for weddings and funerals
      5.A comprehensive education and training system
      6.At the year-end party, the model staff and senior staff are recognized. In addition, shows and gift drawings are carried out.
      7.Regular Mid-Autumn BBQ activity
      8.Provide clean, high-quality, and delicious staff restaurant
      9.Provide staff uniform (long and short sleeves/vest/jacket)